Yoga Journal Article- Pillow Poses: Restorative Yoga You Can Do in Bed

Link to Yoga Journal Article: Pillow Poses: Restorative Yoga You Can Do in Bed

Pic: Renee Choi

picture by: Renee Choi

"If you don’t own a bolster, you can always grab the next best thing for some restorative yoga from the comfort of your own home. 

Restorative yoga helps guide us into deep relaxation, which is a great way to gently prepare for a good night’s sleep. I think we can all agree that after an evening restorative yoga class, one of the biggest challenges can be traveling the distance from our yoga mats to our beds! Until we iron out the science behind teleportation, a home practice might be the next best solution. This sequence is designed to soothe the nervous system, increase flexibility, and calm the mind after a full day."

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