Yoga Journal: 11 Things to Ask Yourself Before Commenting On Social Media

We have so many opportunities to be curious about and learn from someone’s else’s experience. Social media offers us that potential. Unfortunately, what I often see in comments everywhere, even in the yoga space, is a tendency to discredit or dismiss another person’s approach.

The person who posted themselves in Handstand might have spent years confronting soul-crushing self-doubt as they practiced coming into the inversion. The person who triumphantly shared how they sat quietly in meditation for two minutes might have initially struggled to be still for five seconds. One person’s two-minute sit is another person’s two-week silent retreat.

There is space for individual variance as we respect the principles of yoga. The tradition of yoga does not teach comparing, debating right and wrong, seeking validation, or demanding attention. Yoga means, among other things, acting from a place of awareness of and respect for self and others. When we ensure that our words and actions come from that space, we contribute to connectedness and belonging. This is true even as we express disagreement.

The following questions may help us all approach our comments with a little more awareness.



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