⁣⁣On Life: 

Yoga shaped me to become the woman I am today because it allows me to embrace where I am at each step of the way. There are always parts of ourselves that we feel uncomfortable acknowledging. Our realist sense of inner happiness is when we can embrace every part of ourselves and love who we are as a whole. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

When I look back, I see how far I’ve come and the personal growth I’ve made. I don’t just see my successes; I also see my former challenges, fears, and insecurities. I possess the constant memory of who I am today; I am the whole of my experiences. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

I am grateful to yoga, for helping me to acknowledge both my light and my shadows and to feel more comfortable seeing myself more clearly. We cannot grow until we are ready to acknowledge where we are, and yoga has helped me along this journey.⁣⁣

Currently at Yoga Therapy Candidate at Prema Yoga Institute IAYT-850 hours. 




On Adventure: 

I am a San Francisco- based yoga teacher, teaching since 2012. Before moving back to San Francisco, I taught in Boulder and New York City. Life has brought me to many places that I can call home, but my first home will always be Seattle, Washington.

Being far from home can be challenging because I love my family. I appreciate life's challenges, because I have a deeper appreciation for how truly resilient and strong human beings are. As the youngest of five children, I have been lucky to have so many great role models. My family always taught me that life is not meant to surround me; it is intended to be a part of me. That means approaching every chapter head-on and trust myself! 

At my core, I am a dedicated and passionate human, but always try and remind myself to find light in all things. In my free time, I enjoy connecting with friends and new faces, traveling, exploring the outdoors, tapping into creative outlets, and trying new things! 


On Yoga:

Before my journey with yoga, my passion was dance. Yoga and dance have always been meditative for me, but with yoga, I found a new relationship with the body that was more mindful and healing.

My teaching style is a fusion of the teachings across many schools of yoga. I have over 1000 hours of teacher training dating back to 2012, but I think that every training, workshop, and teacher has taught me something valuable.

I am passionate about teaching mindful flows and workshopping postures. I focus heavily on foundation and alignment to safely prepare for more challenging asanas. I encourage my students to turn inwards, set intentions for their practice, and recognize their strengths - both physically and mentally - in each moment.

Look for me on the Schedule at Pure Yoga NYC or contact me to inquire about group or private classes!