Moab Inspired Yoga Nidra for Self Love & Inspiration 

Inspired by the things I have learned from my teachers and students. This 45-minute Yoga Nidra will help you drop in and take you on a Journey through the Canyonlands of Moab.  

How to Prepare: 

1. Wear your comfy clothes 

2. Set up your space- Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down. Feel free to grab these optional props:

  • A blanket to place over you
  • A bolster, pillows or a second rolled blanket for under your knees to support your low back
  • An eye pillow 
  • A light pillow or blanket for under your head (nothing too elevated though as you want a neutral spine) 

3. Have a Sankalpa/Intention ready to go! - aim for something positive and present tense. Example: "I am at peace" 

If you have a hard time staying awake, don't worry! You can always come back to this practice and work on staying awake over time. The goal is to rest on the edge of wakefulness and sleeping (arriving between alpha and theta brainwaves- otherwise known as the hypnogogic state)